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Question asked by VRFuser on Mar 17, 1997
At 10:28 15/03/97 +0800, you wrote:
>Dear Juan Carlos Martin:
>Thank you for your such fast respond. I also want to use socket object from
>But could you give your more detail explaination? I do not know whether you
are familiar with the HP82000, What I want to do on the VEE side is
>* remote controlling HP382 workstation to download pin, timing, vectors to
the hardware
>* remote controlling hp382 workstation to execute the test rountine
>I do not know whether I can implement the above function by using socket
object. I think I must implement the server on workstation to reply respond
of VEE, right?
>Welcome further suggestions

Hello again Yin,

First of all, I would like to say you that I have no experience with HP8200.

However, until I can see, you have two connections:
    1) The data acquisition, that is the connection between your HP8200 and
your WS HP382 .
    2)The connection between your workstation HP382 and your PC with Windows 95.

I think the message of Frank Bouwman was dedicated to the connection 1) by
means of a shared C library (I think in UNIX) to be used in the data

On the other hand, I think you want to monitor and control this equipment by
means of a PC. It is in this connection in which you could use sockets. For
this, the only you need (and you have it) is a LAN with TCP/IP protocol.

You only need a bidirectional socket with a structure client/server where
your PC is the client. However, to install a server using VEE is not easy.
That is, VEE does not include the "listen" capability (well, it is included
if you put a timeout of 0 -infinite-, but then, your program is blocked, and
your VEE command buttons also). Therefore, you can avoid this by means read
the IOSTAT: that is, if a data are in the socket it reads 1, otherwise 0.

|On Cycle 1 |-+
+-----------+ |
| (To/)From socket       |
|Bind Port          5001 |         
|Host name          HP382|         
|Timeout            100m |          +-----------+     +------+
+------------------------+          | If x==0   |---->| next |
|READ IOSTAUS DATAREADY x|--------->|           |-+   +------+
+------------------------+          +-----------+ |
                                     | (To/)From socket       |
                                     |Bind Port          5001 |
                                     |Host name          HP382|
                                     |Timeout            100m |--+ Data command
                                     +------------------------+  |
                                     |READ TEXT x STR         |  |
                                     +------------------------+  |
   |  +-----------+                                             
   |  |  Objects  |
   +->| to manage |-----------+
      |  command  |           |
      +-----------+           |     
                              |      +------------------------+
                              |      | To(/From) socket       |
                              |      +------------------------+
                              |      |Bind Port          5001 |
                              |      |Host name          HP382|
                              |      |Timeout            100m |
                              |      +------------------------+
                              +----->|WRITE TEXT a STR        |

The client part (your PC) is easier. You only write and wait for a while (a
timeout different from the to/from socket timeout) to read. If data is not
received it means a communication failure.

        | To(/From) socket  |
        |Connect Port  5001 |         
Command |Host name     PC   |         
  a     |Timeout       100m |
  |     +-------------------+
  +---->|WRITE TEXT a EOL   |
            |Objects which   |
            |implements a    +----------------+
            |Loop for timeout|                |
            +----------------+                |
                                     | (To/)From socket      |
                                     |Connect Port      5001 |
                                     |Host name         PC   |
                                     |Timeout           100m |--> Data status
                                     +-----------------------+    or command OK
                                     |READ TEXT x STR        | 

I have to design a loop for a timeout defined by you.
Moreover, you could include error pint to/from socket to see a loss of
connection or different problems.

I thinks this is the start point to use sockets in VEE.
Is it a help for you?

King regards,

Juan Carlos Martin
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