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VRf-options in MSC

Question asked by VRFuser on Apr 5, 1996
does anybody have experience with Microsoft C/C++ 7.0 ?
I-m creating DLL for VEE by this means and I have some guestions
about the compiler options:
The recomended set of them is this:
/ALw /GD /Gs /Zpi /W3
I had problems with returning doubles from VEE. I  tried to
compile with /Gw instead /GD and it works! But I'm not sure if it is
the correct way (Gw is for real mode and /GD for protected mode).
What consequences can I encounter later on?
About /AL:
From the MS Environment and Tools Book:"A program destined to be a
Windows DLL can use only a single data segment." I use VEE for data
aquisition, so a huge space for the samples is required(each large
than 64kB). How to treat the situation of having 4 huge arrays in DLL?

Anyone advice or help would be greatly appreciated.

    Ondrej Valter

Ondrej Valter
Czech Technical University
Prague, Czech Republic

From: (Dipl. Ing. Andreas Schwarz  SCHRACK Aerospace Vienna (431-80199-5546))
Subject: Re: VEE and Configuration Management

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Pendergrass Darryl <> wrote:
> Looking for guidance or tools that facilitate configuration management and
> VEE models.
> I'm currently using RCS on the HPUX platform for revision control.

I have attempted to use RCS also, but have met a real barrier when the
program size starts growing a little. Namely RCS seems to hit an
exponential barrier with large programs. While it still works, it is
incredibly painfully slow.

For instance on a 755/125 RCS takes something like _15 minutes_ to check
in a 2MB file!

Perhaps something is busted here, perhaps that's just the way it is.

Stan Bischof   Hewlett Packard Company   707-577-3994

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Dear Sirs,
I'm also using DOS based RCS for configuration of VEE Windows programs
and found it very usefull for adding configuration information into
meas-data files and to document test procedures.

It would be helpfull to have the checkin/checkout stuff of RCS
directly included into VEE.

Maybe it is helpfull to use a "grep" filter script for the "rcsdiff" information
to filter out non-interesting positioning information.

I'll ask our UNIX guys in the company if they have experience on "ci" of 2MB files
(they use RCS for VHDL code).

It would be nice to find a way to avoid 2MB "single-file" source code in VEE by splitting
large applications into several sources test, debug them separately and "merge" them.
(more or less the C-style of program development).

The actual "merge" command of VEE should be more powerfull for this kind of usage.
(maybe a script whith the capability to load, place and wire several submodules

     Mit freundlichen Gruessen - Best regards,

                              A. Schwarz