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VRf: RED BOX errors and files.

Question asked by VRFuser on Feb 23, 1997

> I have experienced the "Dreaded RED BOX" many times
> and have had identical results - my file was irrepairably
> destroyed.
> It did not seem to have anything to do with file size.
> It usually turned out to be something I did wrong
> like trying to write from an external library of
> compiled functions into VEE data space (where
> there was not enough space reserved).
> This also is probably a legitimate segmentation fault.

This is a legitimate segmentation fault and is also known as a "memory
stomp".  You have written data to a buffer that is not big enough and
written over some other data in the VEE process area.  Hence your
program in memory is "corrupt" and should never, EVER be written out
over the original file.

We have changed VEE 4.0 to disallow writing to any existing file once
you have gotten the dreaded "Big Red Box" (BRB as we call it).  You
will be forced to save it to a new file.

> In order to keep my sanity while trying to find
> out what was wrong I did the following:
> 1. Edit the VEE file - save it under a new name
> 2. Run it
> 3. If it is destroyed by the "Dreaded RED BOX" - go back to the
>     previously saved file.

Good plan.

Ken Colasuonno

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