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Question asked by VRFuser on Apr 7, 1996
from: Greg Goebel / HP-MXD / 970-679-3030 / FAX 970-679-5971
to:   Ondrej Valter
date: Monday, 08 April 1996 1202 MDT

>    I tried to use the /Gw compiler's option instead of the /GD. In
> this way I can treat doubles in both ways. But there is this
> question:
> Is this correct way? In your materials on VEE is written that
> VEE cannot be run in real mode, so we optimize for protected mode by
> the /GD option. The option /Gw ,however, is for compiling for real
> mode. It works but is it correct to do it in that way? What
> consequences can I encounter for example in the case of collecting a
> large amount of samples by the measuring card (there are some
> problems now) ?  
> Thank for your answer / Ondrej Valter

Sorry for taking so long to get back to you but it took some time to get hold
of the lab guy.  He believes that this measure should cause you no troubles.

[<>] regards -- gvg