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Re2: Problems with VEE responding to breakpoints

Question asked by VRFuser on Apr 10, 1996
from: Greg Goebel / HP-MXD / 970-679-3030 / FAX 970-679-5971
to:   VRf -- Jim Kneale
date: Wednesday, 10 April 1996 1319 MDT

> We have a very large VEE 3.12 for Windows project with .VEE and .LIB files.
> breakpoints rarely, if ever, work.  You set a breakpoint and it blows right
> through it.  Any suggestions?  Are there any areas where they aren't intended
> work?
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The lab guys say they will not work in a userfunction if you call the
userfunction from a formula box or the like (though they will work if you
use the Call Function box.  Other than that, they don't know of other

What precisely happens in your case?

[<>] regards -- gvg


We called several high level userfunctions from formula boxes rather than Call
Function boxes.  They in turn, call most of our code, which is probably the
cause of the problem.

Thank you for the info.

Later - Jim