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Dig & Anal IO & timers

Question asked by VRFuser on Apr 10, 1996

Thanks - I was listening but could not reply yesterday.
The company is Microstar Laboratories, and one of our boards should also
work well for this application. Our representative in the Netherlands is:

Jan Oomens
Hub van Doorneweg 99B
5026 RB Tilburg
Tel:      (31) 13 670021
Fax:     (31) 13 630920

Company headquarters in Bellevue, WA can be reached by :
Web page:
phone:             (206) 453 - 2345
fax:                    (206) 453 - 3199

To: hpvxd_xc
Subject: Re: VRF: Dig & Anal IO & timers
Date: Wednesday, April 10, 1996 2:22PM

See Data Translation Inc.  They have drivers for a companion product to
HP-VEE called DT-VEE.  They have a wide range of PC data acquisition
boards.  Their rep in the Netherlands is:

Hartogs Ingenierursbureau B.B.
Stolwijkstraat 33
3079 DN Rotterdam
Tel: 010-47 95 700

There is also another company that responded here a few weeks ago, but I
their name.  They also have data acq products with VEE drivers.  Perhaps
will contact you directly if they see this.

There are also options of using some of the more modern driver protocol
to talk to these boards: VISA, VTL, SICL and lots of other acronyms.  Beware

that because this is not a single-vendor solution, you have to be very
when selecting products and drivers.

Good luck-

Jim Kneale     
ph  (410)712-2248   ///  Northrup Grumman ESSD
fax (410)712-2815  (..)  Baltimore MD USA
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Subject: VRF: Dig & Anal IO & timers
Author:  "Johannes Mulder" <> at BALT.SMTP
Date:    4/10/96 1:00 PM

VRF: Dig & Anal IO & timers.

A question just came up here:

People in my department needs to read some digital statuslines,
analogue voltages, drive some digital controls and maybe an analogue
They also need to measure timerelations in, let's say, 0.1 sec
accuracy. All via their PC of course.
Currently they are looking to hard- and software from NI.
I suggested them to look to HP-VEE (what else!).

My question is: will it be difficult to exercise the AT-MIO boards
from NI with HP-VEE? Is there any experience concerning this?
Or is there a good alternative for this hardware?
Any good suggestion is welcome.
With kind regards,

              Johannes Mulder
              Philips Electron Optics
              Building AAE-room 21
              P.O.B. 218
              5600 MD ACHT, the Netherlands
              tel +31 40 2766947
              fax +31 40 2766820