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Need-Help! reading from HP3585A

Question asked by VRFuser on Mar 6, 1997
Vrf: Help! reading from HP3585A
>From Johannes Mulder

Running under WIN95, VEE3.21, and HP3585A connected via GPIB
I ran into the next problem:
doing Direct I/O, as follows:

EXECUTE REMOTE                   (start accessing the HP3585A)
WRITE TEXT "MKD2T4" EOL      (read marker at first location)
READ TEXT START REAL         (get the start frequency)
WRITE TEXT "D3T4" EOL          (read trace A)
READ TEXT TRACEA CHAR:11  (get the first 11 chars into TRACEA)

this is performing as expected, but the last transaction is not very convenient:
" "," "," ","-","2","2",".","8","E","-","0" meaning -22.8 as value
note I need the whole array of 1001 values.

replacing the last line with
which should give me just 1 value
does not work: "interface timeout" (nothing happens on the GPIB as
far as I can see with monitor)

I also noticed that seemingly just suddenly, sometimes, it works, for
a short while, as if things are synchronised by accident.

TOKEN and CHAR format I get something out, and also with reading
binairy, but all other formats I get nothing but timeout
Note that reading the marker frequency always works, its format is
exactly the same.

% is this a bug in the HP3585A?
% is this a bug in VEE?
% am I doing something wrong?

When I try TOKEN format, I also get something out
When I try STR format, I get nothing
With kind regards,
  Johannes Mulder           
  Philips Electron Optics            tel +31 40 2766947
  Building AAE-room 21               fax +31 40 2766820
  P.O.B. 218                  
  5600 MD ACHT, the Netherlands