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Vrf-DLL help

Question asked by VRFuser on Mar 7, 1997

I asked for help earlier in the week resolving a DLL function loading
problem and I got some high quality responses that have enabled me to get it
working, for which I want to thank those who contributed.

I am still having a problem though. I am getting a General Protection Fault
when I run the program a second time.

I am using C++ with a Borland 3.1 compiler

It seems as though the object is not getting deleted upon exiting. The
object was getting created within a C function and then a function inside
the object was invoked, and finally the object was destroyed. I followed the
example in [X1.8] on "Using C++ to create Vee compiled functions" The next
time the vee program is run is when I get the general protection fault

I moved the creation of the object outside of  the function so that it would
be global. When I run this DLL I get the general protection fault error as
soon as the function is called, which is immediately after I import the
library. This indicates to me that the whole dll is executed again when a
function is called.

I am rather confused with HP-VEE's implementation of DLL's at this point. I
am sure it is operator error but there is not much to go on.

I would appreciate any help.

Thanks in advance.

Mike Gustin
Siemens Medical Systems
Danvers MA 01923