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Vrf - - Loop Problems

Question asked by VRFuser on Mar 28, 1997
Hi All,

Having a problem with loops (For, Until-Break...).  I have several test
situations where I'm using a loop to step through the procedure.  I also have a
toggle at the top of each pass through the loop to see if the user has opted to
abort the test.  Several times, now, the loop will make one pass and stop. 
When I turn on the animation, I can see the program flow get to the "Next"
object and then it stops.  The "For" object remains highlighted, but nothing

So far, I have not been able to determine what causes this.  Sometimes it will
be when I'm editing the VEE file but it just recently started happening during
the middle of a test, when nothing has been changed within the VEE file.

I have discovered what fixes the problem, however.  If I replace the loop
object with the same object (just cut&paste in a new one), the program returns
to normal operation, at least until it happens again.

  - - Is there a known bug or specific way to use toggles in loop situations?

  - - Are there reserved var names that can't be used such as "quit", "abort"

Any suggestions would be helpful.  (running VEE 3.21 on a Dell P166)
     | Start |
     +-------+         *Toggle gets reset by the start object
    +-----------+     +--------+     +-------+     +-------+
    | For Count |---->| Toggle |---->| A==1? |---->| Break |
    +-----------+     +--------+     +-------+     +-------+
         |                 |
     +-------+        +--------+  
     | Exit  |        |  Test  |
     +-------+        +--------+
                      |  Next  |