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timing problems

Question asked by VRFuser on May 6, 1996
Hello everybody,

We have the following problem with HP Vee 3.12 running with Windows 95 :

we want to drive a stepping motor unit under HP-VEE. There is no problem
running the control program for the motor in a DOS-Window. But if the
program is executed as a "I/O - Execute Program (PC)" within HP-VEE we have
problems with the timing : The motor is not running continously anymore.

The DOS Program is written in Power-Basic 3.0 and uses Assembler routines.
In detail, the time-delay between two micr
osteps (100 microseconds) is
implemented using IRQ 15 Subroutine 86h of system BIOS.

It seems like HP-VEE is disturbing the system timing. Is there a posibility
to run the program exclusively without any further background operation of

Thanks for your help.