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Question asked by VRFuser on Aug 15, 1996
Hello VEE-users:

The subject of converting from version 3.2 to 3.1 was brought up again !!
Not for nothing, it is a real pain to have both version around
in our company !!!

> VEE 3.2 obtained much better file load times by a major revision of the
> source file format ... in earlier versions, an object's view and internals
> were in in the same part of the source file, in 3.2 they are separated and
> classed as groups.  It's not a question of not being able to recognize
> certain objects ... actually, there are relatively few new objects in 3.2
> over 3.12.

So, if only the file format is changed, why didn't you connect he old file WRITER
to VEE 3.2 to give users the option to choose for format 1.2 (VEE 3.1) ???
Or make a special utility for this task ???
All software is available, you (read: HP) "just" need to connect it !

> This is indeed a severe inconvenience -- I'm rewriting my VEE tutorial with
> hyperlinked examples, and I have to do them all in 3.12 so customers can get
> them to load ... it's a pain to rewrite them.  It would have been nice to
> get a file-conversion utility but it appears that would have been *very*
> difficult to do.

So instead of putting effort in such a tool, thousands of hours
are spent everywhere to do it by hand.....

Just my thoughts.

Kind regards to all !

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