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vrf custom file open dialog problems on different win platfor

Question asked by VRFuser on Nov 21, 2001
Hi Richard

I experience the same on Win95 as you do on NT4


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Sent: 21 november, 2001 21:34
Subject: vrf custom file open dialog problems on different win platforms

a while ago Shawn Fessenden sent me this custom file open dialog that I
needed badly for a project.  I thought I had it working, until I took it to
some other machines where it failed.  It works A-OK on my win2k machine.
My test program opens an old-style windows file select dialog, sorted in
reverse date order (or another order I can program)

But, on two win95 and two nt4 machine, I get a new style file dialog,
opening in icon mode, with a 'new folder' generated, and the cursor is on
the new folder to edit its name.  Any ideas how that one is coming about?
Are there prerequisites for this program to work that are not on the other
machines, or is this maybe an OS dependence?

I'll attach my test program (customfileopen3.vee), the original program
Shawn sent me (customfileopen.vee) and the api documentation (CFOAPI.txt)
that Shawn provided.  And 2 screenshots, working as designed (win2k.jpg)
and not (nt4.jpg)

I would appreciate if someone could verify that the program works on other
win2k machines, and any ideas as to why it is not working on win95 and nt
machines.  I thought that this dialog was a windows dialog, and on all
(See attached file: CustomFileOpen3.vee)(See attached file: CFOAPI.TXT)(See
attached file: CustomFileOpen.vee)(See attached file: win2k.jpg)(See
attached file: nt4.jpg)

Richard Kleinhenz
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