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Vrf - Re - SDH/SONET Drivers

Question asked by VRFuser on May 12, 1996
from: Greg Goebel / HP-MXD / 970-679-3030 / FAX 970-679-5971
to:   Gerry Murray / VRf
date: Monday, 13 May 1996 0828 MDT

>      1. I notice in the HP catalogue for 1996, there is a 'HP Instrument
>      Driver' graphic symbol alongside the HP70820A so I'm sure there will
>      be a driver for that somewhere in the HP collective conciousness. No
>      such symbols present alongside the HP83480. The others not listed yet.

Plug&Play drivers have put matters into something of a state of confusion ...
rather like breaking things apart and then reassembling them into a different
direction.  Bear with us, I think we'll have a better solution  than we did
with the old drivers if we can surmount the obstacles.

>      2. In my limited experience of VEE, I've found it convenient to have
>      the driver available for the equipment in the early stages but later
>      on, speed and size considerations have pressed me in to creating
>      libraries of direct I/O userfunctions. Even using 'Component I/O'
>      sections of the instrument drivers has it's problems. In my experience
>      of driving 25 different pieces of equipment, direct I/O has always
>      turned out to be the final and best option.

This actually is the common experience with drivers.  They are useful for
quick turnaround projects but when you have to fine-tune performance, it is
useful to turn off the autopilot and take over the controls.

>      Hope this helps, or, at best, doesn't hinder.
>      Regards
>      Gerry Murray
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>      Dear VEE users,
>      I am desperately seeking VEE drivers for :
>      HP70841B  Pattern generator
>      HP70820A  Microwave Transition Analyzer HP70842B  Error Detector
>      HP83480A  Communications Analyzer
>      Thanks for any response.
>      Philips Semiconductors
>      Product Group Communications & Multimedia Nijmegen, The Neterlands.