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Re2: VRF : Interpolating to differently spaced array

Question asked by VRFuser on Jan 29, 1996
"Johannes Mulder" <> wrote:
> > One observation though - I glanced thru the code and so far as I can tell
> > it does the same (or very similar) job as the Build Arb Waveform object.
> >
> The big difference is that the output array does not need to be
> equidistant (spelling OK?), and that is what I need. The resulting
> array needs to match exactly the given frequencies. I don't know an
> easy way to do this using any built-in function.

Aha! I missed that subtlety. You're right- waveforms in VEE are always
equal time increments.

So this could be considered a generalization of the Build Arb Waveform object.

again- thanks for sharing the source. Looks like a good addition to
my own customization package.


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