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Thermocouple Measurements

Question asked by VRFuser on Aug 22, 1996
My laboratory performs many temperature measurements using
thermocouples, diodes, and PRT's.  I am currently using HP Vee to
acquire/plot/save temperature data.

Does anyone have an algorithm to detect OPEN thermocouples.  I am using
the thermocouples for control applications, and when one fails, or
begins to fails, it really messes up my control.

I currently have HP Vee 3.12 running on Pentium 90.

Additionly, I'm looking for a good algoritm for plot specific
thermocouples and their history.  I'm currently using X-Y Plot, but it
would be nice if I could customize it such that a user could select
specific TC traces and plot them.

Thanks in Advance,
Alberto Schroth