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VRF - share.exe with Excel and HP-VEE

Question asked by VRFuser on Feb 29, 1996
Hi all,

The day after installing Excel, and using Excel and VEE simultanuously, I fired
up my computer, and tried starting Excel. How unfortunate: Excel complained
about missing share.exe, and refused to start.

So I installed share.exe in my autoexec.bat. But after this VEE starts
complaining about files which cannot be opened, because they're in use (which
is not the case because they are files which contain datasets, so they're not
used by any other program...)

It seems that the dataset-file which has been used in the
last-run-before-the-current run cannot be opened. When I open another file in
stead, Everything looks normal. Of course, THAT file will not be useable during
the next run.

In addition to this: HP-VEE starts with an error: share violation on drive C:
retrying doesn't help, pressing cancel however does.

I am using PC/TCP network software.

Does anyone has suggestions of what I can do to avoid these problems?
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