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VRf - HPVEE to Excel DDE question

Question asked by VRFuser on Feb 29, 1996
> Hi all,
> I am having trouble getting data into Excel by DDE. I would like to
> write results (multiple results that is) through DDE to excel, in a way I
> will get a range in Excel filled. The examples in the manuals only describe
> single cell operations. I think I will have to know what 'item' I need to
> address the range of cells ?
> I am using HP-VEE 3.0, and Excel 5.0
> Any help would be appreciated!
> bye

You can send array from VEE to Excel
to describe only row or column name in 'item';
For example, if you want to put array in a first row,
you can write 'item' as "R1".
But you have to change 'Data Formats' of the
To/From DDE object, which is in 'Edit Properties'
of object menu.
Set 'End Of Line' as "
" and 'Array Separator' as "     "(i.e. TAB).
In a same way, you can put data in a column
by item "C1" and then you have to set 'End Of Line' as "     ",
'Array Separator' as "

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Good luck for your job.

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