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VRf - Poor BEEP too

Question asked by VRFuser on Oct 15, 1996
John McBain writes:
>I have just upgraded to HP-VEE 3.2 (from 3.0), and can no longer access
>my Serial Ports (Com1 & Com2) from VEE.  If I run Instrument Finder it
>finds the HPIB card but no Serial Ports, and if I try to use a
>previously working program, I get a Configuration Error Message, telling
>me that it's not configured for this system.

I have noticed the same thing.  I do not need serial access yet, but I
may need it in the future to interface with a handler.

What I ALSO found in the upgrade was the lack of full support for the
function.  I use visual AND audio feed-back to the test tech for a
indicator.  Now all I get are these wimpy beeps that never change
or duration.

What's interesting is I can run QBASIC in the DOS box and using the
command to make all kinds of freq./duration combinations.  What gives?
I have to buy Sound Blaster cards and speakers for each test station

Mike Groves
HW: HP Vectra 5/90 32M ram, 82341C
OS: Win NT 3.51 and/or 4.00