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Vrf-gathering a array

Question asked by VRFuser on Oct 16, 1996
> I have a logging alphanumeric to show the filenames that i store in (4
> files every 30 min.).
> And now i want to hide this and make a popup window that will show the
> same when i push a buttom.

Create an userfunction that contains a Logging Alphanumeric and clear its flag
"popup on execute". Create your button using a Toggle Control and add an
If/Then/Else with the formula "A==1" in it. Add a ShowPanel("popupfunction")
to the Then-output and a HidePanel("popupfunction") to the Else output.
Oh, don't forget to set the "Wait for input"-flag of your button, otherwise
it will flip your panel back and forth.

> But how can i update an global so i can show how many files i have stored
> for now, and then continue to update the global with an array.

Connect the input of the logging alphanumeric to the input of the popupfunction.
Before updating your global, call the popupfunction with your array as an
argument. This will update the Logging Alphanumeric.
Updating your global can be done using this construction

+----------+       +------------+        +----------+
|Get Global|-------|Concatenator|--------|Set Global|
+----------+   +---|            |        +----------+
               |   +------------|
       new array of filenames
> Im just blank for ideas, please help

I just did!


Dennis Doomen