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Web-Survey + Prog design

Question asked by VRFuser on Mar 10, 1996
1 : Yes (I looked at it today, there may be something i can use)

3 : Slower

4 : No (just keep the information level up)

5 : No (If the information is OK, then F... the look's)

6 : No (No reason to do that)

Regarding Prog Design

I have made a program to calculate the Joule.
I consist of a scope picture where The time cursors on the scope determine
what part of the curve to use.

The curve are saved in a Global as an Array with 2000 points.

With a For Range and a formula using <wave_array(a)> a as the counter
it takes about 9 sek. to run true 1500 of points in the array (The ones i Need)

I say in your Letter(Greg) that gahtering of the measurement in an array is
Maybe i just don't understand Vee that good. is there a easier way ?.

A Mindblowing Idea : Could it be possible over the internet to make a
veeprogram developer, so that we can drav some smale programs and ask for help
instead of drawing it in Ascii.

Allright Then ! Have a nice day
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