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HP VEE on NI VXI-486?

Question asked by VRFuser on Mar 26, 1996
Hello. We are trying to find a platform for use in experimenting with
HP VEE Instrument Driver development (on a budget). Since I do NOT have
a PC available with either an HPIB or VXLink card installed, I had hoped
to use a National Instruments VXIpc-486 Model 500 (P/N 18129-250 Rev. B2)
that we already have and which is not currently in use.

So -- I plugged the VXI-486 into a chassis and went to install my VEE 3.0
license and read the following in "Installing HP VEE for Windows", page

   HP VEE provides direct access to the VXI backplane through select
   code 16 for the EPC-7 and EPC-8 VXI Controllers. However, the
   EPConnect software, provided with the controller, must be
   installed before you install HP VEE.

OK -- I know that this in NOT an EPC-7 or an EPC-8 and I do NOT have the
EPConnect software. What IS installed is the National Instruments NI-VXI
stuff (which I have been told accessed the backplane just fine for the
previous users who were experimenting with LabView/CVI). So, I installed
HP VEE anyway and can NOT see the backplane or anything on it (HP VEE
does not see VXI as an available interface).

What can I do?
1. Can I get (download) the EPConnect software and will it (maybe/probably)
   work on the target computer in question?
2. Is there someway to otherwise use the existing NI-VXI stuff to get
   HP VEE to acknowledge the VXI backplane as an available interface?
3. ???