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Re2: Vrf - window size problems: VEE 3.12 / Windows 95

Question asked by VRFuser on Aug 20, 1997

     Hello all,
     Thanks to John and Bruce for their informative responses. 
     Unfortunately none of the suggestions worked!
     If I do not set the geometry option, each time I run VEE RunOnly, the
     window comes up "cascaded" relative to the window position of the last
     application to be started.  That is, the new window will be
     approximately the width of a title bar down, and the same distance to
     the right of, the previous window position.
     If I set the geometry option, either in the command line or in the
     v.ini file, it has no effect on size or position other than it makes
     them constant: the top left corner of the window is roughly in the
     centre of the screen, and the window size is as it was when the file
     was saved.
     Any ideas?