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Adventages/disadventages of VEE 4.0

Question asked by VRFuser on May 18, 1997
Greetings from sunny Spain,

I am surprised because it seems that nobody is really worried about new way
to manage threads.

I sent a mail a pair of weeks before about slicing and execution flow. I
still think that the new way to manage threads is important. In fact, from
my point of view, it is very difficult that an old VEE application works
fine using VEE 4.0 in compile mode . It is due to VEE 4.0 doesn't consider
as independent threads those which start with a control flow wire from the
same object.

I think that VEE non compile mode (VEE 3 compatibility) is provided for
that, but from my point of view this needs to be more explained.

Moreover, now the philosophy to develop a new VEE application is different.
It seems that user functions are favorites in front of user objects. The
problem to use extensively user functions instead of user objects is that
then, the Program Explorer (one of the best improvements on 4.0) shows you a
flat design: a few user objects which calls a lot of user functions. But,
then the calling three is almost lost.

I was stating a new application and initially I made it as the usual way
until I realize I wasn't going to work due to new threads philosophy.
Anybody has some opinion about it?

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