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VRf: menu lockup

Question asked by VRFuser on Aug 21, 1997

Ari Hamalainen
University of Helsinki, Department of Physics

Greg, thank you for your answer to my serial port question. Later, I
found the Win95 1KB buffer bug described in VEE For Windows Buglist in

But here's another bug that I did not found in the buglist. The bug
appears in this simple VEE 4.01 program, at least in Win95.

|-|Drop-Down List|o|
|     Item 1     |v|    |
+==================+    |
                      | OK  |----+
                      +-----+    |
                       |-|Drop-Down List|o|
                       |     Item 1     |v|

In Properities of the upper Drop-Down List, turn on Auto Execute. Select
an item from the upper list, and the program starts. Now select a item
from the lower Drop-Down List, and press the OK key. The program stops.
After that it is not any more possible to use the menu of the VEE
environment window. LineTips and TermTips do not work. Buttons in the
toolbar do work, also the program itself remains operative. The only way
to close the VEE environment in this state seems to be to press
Ctrl-Alt-Del, select HP VEE and End Task. Even that does not work
immediately, but after a few seconds a message about HP VEE not
responding pops up.

The bug appears in both VEE 3 and Compiled modes. It also does not apper,
if for example the program is started with the Run button in the toolbar.
It does not appear either, if the Format of either of the list objects is
something else than a Drop-Down List.

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