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Vrf - Need help: Exceptions in DLL for VEE ?

Question asked by VRFuser on May 19, 1997

        To: Vrf
        Subject: exceptions generated in DLLs

        I tried use this in DLL for VEE (Borland C 5.01 VEE 3.21 Win NT 4.0):
int x();
extern "C"{  int  x();};
int _export x()
{  try{    throw 1;  }
  catch( ... ){    return 1;  }
        It makes VEE to close without any messages about errors. VEE closes
its window and thats all !!!
        It seems that this DLL must do nothing ( it catches the exception which
it generates itself ), but unfortunately it do anything which is not good for VEE.
        Documentation to VEE tells nothing about this problem.
        Could anyone know what is the reason and how to avoid this problem?

        Thank you