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Re2: VRf : Re-convert User Functions

Question asked by VRFuser on Aug 7, 1997 wrote:
>      I have seen the following behaviour:
>      Make a user object.  Then select make user function.  You get a user
>      function.  Now I want to UN-MAKE the function, (like un-pack) to get
>      back to a user object, but when I select Make user-object I get a User
>      object -around- the user function, rather than an un-packed user
>      function.  That is, I would like the user function to turn back into a
>      user object.    Martin, is that your situation as well?

Seems to work fine for me!

Are you perhaps selecting "make user object" from the EDIT menu
as opposed to "make user object" from the UF's object menu?

That would- as with previous VEE versions- create a user object from
the selected UF (presumably from a call box in this case)

Failing that- remember that UF's and UO's (and UFO's???) look a whole
bunch alike now. Are you sure that you are not seeing a user
object (UO) with the same name as your previous UF (user function)?

An easy way to check is by watching the program explorer.

In any case, I just created a UF and had no problem turning it into
a UF.


Stan Bischof

From: Greg Goebel <>
Subject: Re: Re[2]: VRf : Re-convert User Functions
To: (Stan Bischof)
Date: Thu, 7 Aug 97 15:32:00 MDT

> Seems to work fine for me!

Thanks Stan ... Joel's been tinkering whilst the barbarians are at the
gate elsewhere and having to respond was getting tedious.  Though the
issue with the junction box was pretty interesting.