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Illegal use of JCT in feedback loops

Question asked by VRFuser on Aug 7, 1997

Bob Marquardt was very helpful in pointing out my feedback problem was in my
imported object.

Now I am trying to use a JCT object in the feedback loop and I am getting
the error message that I am using the JCT illegally in the feedback loop. It
is interest to not that a JCT object did not work in this feedback loop in
3.12 either and I had changed it to an OR object and it worked fine.

My imported function looks like the following:
                                               |                |
                              ---->Test Func-----|------>Run Function in
Main--->IF Then----->
Get global-------|                                 |_______
                              --->Setup Func                     |
                                               ----------> JCT------|
                                                       |---> Box
|____________________________________ |

The JCT object is used to trigger the test function either after the Setup
Func or the IF
THEN ELSE object. I have tried this using constants instead of a sequence
input to the JCT object and using a ALPANUMERIC oject on the output and then
use the sequence pin off the ALPHANUMERIC object. The unique aspect about
this imported function is that the main program calls the imported function
then the imported function calls a function back in the main program in the
middle of the feedback loop.

I appreciate help with this.

Mike Gustin
Danvers, MA