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Illegal use of JCT object in feedback loop problem.

Question asked by VRFuser on Aug 10, 1997
I will try this one more time. The firewalls at work seem to mess up
the diagram or it could be the font differences.

I am trying to use a JCT object in the feedback loop and I am getting
the error message that the JCT object is being used illegally in the
feedback loop. It is interesting to note that a JCT object did not
in this feedback loop in 3.12 either and I had changed it to an OR
object and it worked fine.

The portion of my imported function with the feedback loop looks
like the following:
                                    |      |
Get Global-+------>Test Func--|->Call Func in Main----->If Then--
                 |                         |
                 |                         |
                +->Setup Func     |
                             |             |


The JCT object is used to trigger the test function either after the
Setup Func or the IF THEN ELSE object. I have tried this using
constants instead of a sequence input to the JCT object and using a
ALPHANUMERIC object on the output and then the sequence pin off the
ALPHANUMERIC object. The unique aspect about this imported function
is that the main program calls the impored function then the imported
function calls a function int the main program in the middle of the
feedback loop.

I appreciate help with this.

Mike Gustin
Danvers MA
If sending back a diagram please send it to the
network firewall at work will scramble the diagram and make it