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vrf .p files of Matlab

Question asked by durin on Nov 22, 2001
Dear all,
I read an old mail regarding the use of p codes created from a .m Matlab

> Is it possible;
> 1.To create the p code of the m-file in MATLAB environment and then copy the related > p-file to the VEE's directory ,for example;<vee_install_dir>matlabmatfunxxx.m
> (Note that there is a command in MATLAB, "pcode" to convert m-file into p-file.)
> 2.Then call it from VEE(Device-->Function&Object Browser-->MATLAB functions)

I put it on the directory required, but I cannot see it as suggested.
Should I 'install' it in some way telling VEE there is a new code?

Thank you very much for your help

Gianfranco Durin
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