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Vrf Another 3.2 to 4.0 difference

Question asked by VRFuser on May 23, 1997
I developed a program under V3.2 that calls a user function which contains a
number of user objects.  Each of these user objects contains a pull down
menu which has the wait for input flag set.  Under 3.2, the program will run
the first user object until it hits the pull down menu and then waits for
user input.  At that point, the second user object will execute up to the
same point and wait for user input.  Under 4.0 the first user object
executes up to the pull down menu, then all execution pauses waiting or user
input.  The second user object never gets executed at all. 

I have attached an example of my problem.  If you run under 3.2
compatibility mode it runs fine.  Compiled mode does not.  You can verify
the results by looking at the global variables Global1A and Global2A.  They
should both get set.  Has anyone else had similar problems and if so have
you found any solutions to the problem. 

Your help is greatly appreciated.