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VRf - Focus broke?

Question asked by VRFuser on May 27, 1997
To:       Vee Reflector
Subject:  Focus broke?
Platform: VEE 4.0, HP Vectra Pentium, WinNT 4.0

In the help files and in the book it describes a top down,
right to left process of determining "focus" of the user
input areas on a panel.  This is not the best approach,
as I often want the DEFAULT focus to be on an OK button
in the lower right corner of the screen.  This is not my
complaint though...

My problem is, I'm having a difficult time setting the
DEFAULT focus consistently even using the above rules.
That is, determining WHICH OK button will be highlighted
when the panel pops up and how to FORCE it to the one I

Try putting 5 OK buttons on a user panel that will pop-up
on execution.  Fire all the OK sequence pins from a common
source, say a start button, or whatever.  Run it and
watch the pop-up.  Usually the upper-left OK is highlighted.
Change the positions of the OK buttons on the panel and re-
run the program.  I get NO change.  The same one is focused.

Funny, the TAB buttons always cycle the focus using a
perfect top-down, left-right sequence starting with the
one that is chosen as the "default". 

Now, break the wire to the focused OK button's sequence pin,
re-connect it and re-run the program.  Now a DIFFERENT one
is highlighted and it is NOT always the upper left one.

Pick one out that has NOT been focused yet and try to force
it to be the one that gets it.  Think you got it?  Now save
the program and re-open it.  Oops, it's changed again.

It seems like a tiny complaint, but in reality, the space
bar gets used a LOT in production test.  It's a lot handier
to hit than the ever-shrinking ENTER keys on the PC's
keyboard.  I just need to be enlightened how VEE 4.0
determines focus on pop-up panels.