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HPIB Interface CCA'S

Question asked by VRFuser on Aug 11, 1997
Hello Everyone,

I am currently setting up a new test lab with tons of HP test
equipment and I am being forced to use PC's instead of my reliable
HP UNIX workstations. I am currently using HP VEE 4.01 (under WIN NT
and have to decide on which HPIB interface cca to buy.

Due to Plug & Play bugs for their HP 82341D cca (under WIN NT 4.0),
I will have to buy their HP 82341C cca; which by the way cost more
Since I have to buy 20 of these HPIB interface ccas I would rather not
buy a revision behind the current "D" version. HP says the bugs for the
"D" revision will be fixed with WIN NT 5.0, but I don't envision
from 4.0 to 5.0 in the near future.

Has anyone out there used the HP 82341D without any of these bug
Does anyone have a recommendation for a third party HPIB interface cca
with HP VEE 4.0 drivers? I understand Computerboards has a cca but it
not have a full panel driver, just a component driver.

Thanks in advance for any responses !!!

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