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Problem with the managment of windows in HP-VEE

Question asked by VRFuser on May 27, 1997

Development environment:
OS:  HP-UX 10.20
VEE: V4.0
HW: HP B160L workstation (96MB RAM)

We have detected a malfunction in the management of HP-UX windows when using

When trying to pop up several subpanels on top of the main one we
realized that moving or closing them produced the refreshing of the
backwindows not working correctly.

Sometimes, figures and bitmaps (specially if they are on the screen due to a
VEE UF or UO panel) are logically hidden by a emerging window (or different
UF or UO panel). But once this forward panel is iconized or removed, the
backward figures and bitmaps are erased and not refreshed.

In other situations, when dragging a subpanel (or any other window from
other applications different than HP-VEE), the behavior is that part of the
bitmaps from the lower level panels are lost. That is, the VEE does not
update correctly their panels covered during the movement of other windows.

To correct the painting of the window we need just to iconize it and
open it again, causing its whole refreshing.

We thought that it was a problem of the operating system (HP-UX 10.20)
since it was related to the window manager, but the truth is that it
only happens when moving a window (whichever it is) over an HP-VEE
application window, it seems that the problem is only with the
refreshing of the windows related to HP-VEE.

Please, we need help

Juan Carlos Martin
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