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Re2: HPVEE automated calibration procedures

Question asked by VRFuser on May 28, 1997

--- On Wed, 28 May 1997 08:49:59 -0700  Mike Groves <> wrote:
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> Subject:  Follow-up: Focus broke?
> Platform: VEE 4.0, HP Vectra Pentium, WinNT 4.0
> I made an error in my definition of the focus problem.
> If you connect a START button to the sequence pins of
> the OK buttons that are to be shown on the pop-up panel,
> it seems to work as defined.  If you change the START
> to a REPEAT UNTIL BREAK, then the problem exists where
> the upper left OK is not always the one in focus.  If
> it is, break the sequence wire to it and re-connect it.
> The focus will now change to another OK button ignoring
> positioning on the panel.  Save it and recall it and
> the position sometimes changes again.
> -Mike

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If you use a  REPEAT UNTIL BREAK to hit an OK button, you need a seperate one for each OK button.

Name: Tom Sanders, Symtx (formerly Symmetrix)
Date: 05/29/97    Time: 17:00:59