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VRf: Questions about VEE 4.01 on Win95

Question asked by VRFuser on Jul 9, 1997

     I just upgraded to 4.01 from version 3.21 and am having some problems
     getting my program to run in compiler mode (3.0 Compatible mode works
     fine). I'm hoping someone will be able to point me in the right
     133 MHz Pentium w/ 32M RAM running Win95. ComputerBoards 16bit DAS
     board, Oregon Micro Systems stepper motor controller board, and a
     Kloehn pump that takes commands from the serial port.
     The 2 boards are in the PC.
     Run parallel threads which collect data and move the pump.
     I have a function/user object (tried both) that performs data
     collection. At some delay time after data collection begins, a
     function should move the pump (serial port) to introduce the sample
     while the data collection keeps humming along.
     In compiler mode, it seems to be an either/or proposition. I cannot
     run these functions in parallel. It used to work in 3.21 and works in
     3.0 compatible mode.
     1. Is there a buglist (on the web or otherwise) for 4.01 yet?
     2. Are there any patches available yet?
     3. Has any one else been successful at getting user functions to
     time-slice? On page A-6 of the Advanced User manual, it specifically
     points out that they will. But, the online Help on threads says that
     device events prevent this. Is there any way around this?
     4. Separate issue: When toggling the "Show Execution" button, VEE takes
     around a minute to give the mouse control again. Is this a bug and will it
     be fixed? This did not happen in 3.21.
     Please refer me to the reference materials if it is obvious that there is
     something I haven't read in there that would help me.
     /Susan Holbert
     Chiron Diagnostics