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VRf: bug: setting time while HP VEE is running a prgm

Question asked by VRFuser on Jul 15, 1997
Laurent PERDEREAU <> wrote:
> Hi all,
> This bug occurs with Vee 3.21 or Vee 4.xx in 3.xx compatibility mode under
> Win95.
> If you want to change the system clock while a Vee prgm is running, the vee
> prgm  and the set time prgm of Win 95 will lock if the new time is before
> the older one.


Just tried this here and sure enough:

running VEE 4.01 under win95

in "compiled" mode no problem

in "compatibility" mode if the system clock is adjusted backward
when VEE is running then the "Date/Time Properties" object in WIN95 hangs
and the interface to HPVEE hangs (VEE keeps running but won't accept
inputs via the mouse).

Stan Bischof