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VRf VEE Suggestions and a silly question

Question asked by VRFuser on Apr 1, 1997
At 09:33 1/04/97 -0500, you wrote:
>There are several ways to do what I think you have in mind.  The solution
>below does not use loops, which might be the most efficient in uncompiled
>versions of VEE.
>Convert your text to a number with a From String object containing:
>Convert the output of the From String object back into a string of "1"s and
>with a To String object containing:
>    WRITE BYTE 48+(bit(a,8))
>    WRITE BYTE 48+(bit(a,7))
>    ...
>    WRITE BYTE 48+(bit(a,0))
>If you needed the result in a numeric form, use another From String object.
>Hope this helps!
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Thanks for your help Jim,

In fact, I was thinking in which way I could convert a decimal or
hexadecimal number (or string which represent a number of these types) in
which the alarm of an equipment are codified, and then being able to
identify when and what alarm has been raised or cleared.

Thinking in several suggestions I have received I have realized that if I
write one TO STRING object, with the following transaction (where "a" is the
integer number to be converted):

WRITE TEST bit(a,31),bit(a,30),........,bit(a,0)

I get a string with 1s and 0s.



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