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DT-VEE and instalation of DAQ card

Question asked by VRFuser on Apr 6, 1997
We are running HP-VEE 3.21 with DT-VEE  under WIN -95 and have installed a 2801
DAQ.  The card's driver  is installed in 95 but VEE , when we get a
box under DataAcq and press configure we get a response that no
supported hardware found.
How do we properly tell VEE that the card is there?

I did the instalation a while ago but I may have installed HP-Vee
first, then Dt-Vee and then the card driver.
I then reinstalled Dt-Vee thinking it might now find the card but no
such luck.  Should I remove Hp-VEE  and Dt-Vee (DT-Vee doesn't
uninstal nicely, I think) and reinstal after the card driver is
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