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Question about IPeXchange

Question asked by VRFuser on Apr 13, 1997
Vrf: Question about IPeXchange
>From Johannes Mulder

Trying to clarify:

I notice the following, only since I reinstalled my PC: starting VEE
results in automaticly starting the program Cisco IPeXchange.
Before I've never seen this. And I don't need it.

I found the following:
Closing VEE automaticly closes Cisco IPeXchange.
I can close Cisco IPeXchange myself without effect on VEE.

I know this Cisco IPeXchange is loaded for Netscape, needed for
connection to the outside world.

I assume VEE recognized it during installation, and I assume VEE can
use it for inter-PC communication (Cisco IPeXchange maintains
sockets or so?).

I want to only start VEE without Cisco IPeXchange

> > Using VEE3.21 under W95.
> > Since I have had (memory) problems with my PC, I reinstalled all
> > software (also Netscape with Cisco IPeXchange, and VEE).
> >
> > >From this moment when I load my application, also this Cisco
> > IPeXchange is automaticly loaded, although I am not aware of doing
> > anything different than before.
> >
> > The only thing I can imagine is that the order in which the software
> > is installed is different: first time it was first VEE and second
> > Netscape, the second time it was first Netscape and second VEE.
> >
> > Question: how can I disable this, I don't need it.
> > Groetjes, Johannes
> Sir:
> I am afraid I do not understand the question.  Please clarify.
> [<>] reagards -- gvg
Groetjes, Johannes