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RS-232 Execute Reset

Question asked by VRFuser on Apr 15, 1997
In response to Steven Morisse's VEE 4.0 RS232 Execute Reset problem.

I was using VEE 3.2 on NT 3.51 with HP I/O Libraries release D (HPE2094D).
In controlling an instrument on the RS232 I wanted to obtain the latest data. So I executed a reset before each read, assuming this would flush the input buffer. I found that the program would hang occasionally and report an I/O error. I didn't incorporate Mr Morisse's suggestion of putting a delay of a few seconds after the reset. Rather I assumed it was a problem with the I/O Library version that I had and might be fixed by the latest version {ref: MXD Exchange Dec 1996 "New Revision F.01.00 HP I/O Libraries" and A potential hang problem in Win32 with "iserialctrl(I_SERIAL_RESET)" has been fixed)}
We bought the latest version of the I/O Libraries and after installing it, behold no more problems with the RS232 execute reset!

Michael Kolos