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(fwd) VEE 4.0 Bomb w/ HP 82341C HPIB

Question asked by VRFuser on Apr 23, 1997
From: (Joel Dunsmore)
Subject: VEE 4.0 Bomb w/ HP 82341C HPIB
Date: 24 Apr 1997 19:18:33 GMT

I created a Vee 4.0 program on my HP 5500 Omnibook Win95, doing instrument
control using an INES PCMCIA HP-IB card.  Everything works fine.  I gave
this to a support engineer, and in his Gateway computer running Win95,
Pentium 166 MHz, at least 32 MB, and an HP brand HP-IB card, HP 82341B,
the program also works fine, but here's the big problem:

When the mouse is moved over the Icon bar, and the "pop-up" message appears
to say what the icon does, we get "THE BIG RED BOX" (BRB).  This reports
a segmentation error -11, in a Direct I/O instrument control block.

When the BRB appears, we must re-boot to get vee to run again.  We shut off
the Icon bar, and used the DeBug menu "STOP" to stop the program and it is OK.
But, if the mouse is moved over to the Vee Explorer, where it "pops-up" the
name of a user object, again we get the BRB.

Any help will be appreciated.  I will endeaver to try this on other machines,
but I am currently guessing that it is the HP brand HP-IB card and drivers that
are likely the problem.

Thanks, Joel Dunsmore

Stan Bischof   Hewlett Packard Company   707-577-3994