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FW: VRF- HPIB woes under NT

Question asked by VRFuser on Apr 24, 1997

Could you confirm that Joel isn't using a beta version of 4.0?  We fixed
a similar problem right before releasing final bits.  Thanks.  Jim

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>Sent:     Thursday, April 24, 1997 1:32 PM
>Subject:     VRF- HPIB woes under NT
>Forwarded from news on behalf of a coworker:
>I created a Vee 4.0 program on my HP 5500 Omnibook Win95, doing instrument
>control using an INES PCMCIA HP-IB card.  Everything works fine.  I gave
>this to a support engineer, and in his Gateway computer running Win95,
>Pentium 166 MHz, at least 32 MB, and an HP brand HP-IB card, HP 82341B,
>the program also works fine, but here's the big problem:
>When the mouse is moved over the Icon bar, and the "pop-up" message appears
>to say what the icon does, we get "THE BIG RED BOX" (BRB).  This reports
>a segmentation error -11, in a Direct I/O instrument control block.
>When the BRB appears, we must re-boot to get vee to run again.  We shut off
>the Icon bar, and used the DeBug menu "STOP" to stop the program and it is
>But, if the mouse is moved over to the Vee Explorer, where it "pops-up" the
>name of a user object, again we get the BRB.
>Any help will be appreciated.  I will endeaver to try this on other machines,
>but I am currently guessing that it is the HP brand HP-IB card and drivers
>are likely the problem.
>Thanks, Joel Dunsmore
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