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Vrf : Looping on the To/From DDE object?

Question asked by VRFuser on Apr 29, 1997

I would appreciate any help on this.

I am using MS Access to store test limits. I read the test limits into HP
VEE via a To/From DDE object.
I want to loop on the To/From DDE object to read data into HP Vee. The
problem that I am running into is that the To/From DDE object reinitializes
each time it executes , the Read "NextRow" never moves down the query file,
therefore  it always puts out the same first row of the query.

The number of rows in the database query will  vary, so I can not put a
fixed number transactions into the To/From DDE object.

The brute force way is to put 50 transactions or some number of transactions
greater than what can be expected into the To/From DDE object and then trap
the error when it tries to read beyond the end of the query. This is bad
programming, someday it will break

Are there any other suggestions?

Mike Gustin
Siemens Medical Systems