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VRF- "HOME" variable?

Question asked by VRFuser on Aug 20, 1997
Subject: VRF- "HOME" variable?
Author:  stanb-at-sr ( at HP-USA/o2=mimegw3
Date:    7/25/97 11:54 AM

> Hi all.
> I just installed an application on my computer totally unrelated to VEE
> and when I went into VEE found that my IO Configuration was gone!
> I poked around and found that the file was still intact in the
> install directory but for some reason was not being read in by VEE.
> Strange to say the least.
> After some experimentation ( I went into vee, created a new IO config
> and saved it. Then went to my explorer and did a "find" looking
> for I found that VEE is now looking in the new application's
> directory!
> Afetr a little more poking I found that the new application is setting
> an environment variable called HOME. And it appears that if HOME is set
> then VEE looks in the HOME directory for instead of it's own
> install directory.
> VEE _doesn't_ appear to use HOME for anything else, like default
> directory, startup directory, looking for menu files, etc.
> Any way around this?
  I don't think there's a way around it.  See below.

> Is this intended behavior or a bug?

     Intended behavior - the following has been in the VEE help files
     section titled "To Include All Needed Files" since at least VEE 3:
     "When distributing your program, you need to include your instrument 
      configuration file. On Windows, it is located in %HOME%/, if
      HOME is defined.  Otherwise, it is located in C:Program
      FilesHewlett-PackardVEE (unless HP VEE is installed in a
      different directory).  On UNIX, it is located in $HOME/.veeio. Other
      files you must include (if you use them) are:
      Data files.
        *.cid files for instrument drivers you've written.
        *.cid files for instrument drivers not installed on the destination
        Graphics files you've created.
        DLLs or compiled functions that you call.
      Copyright (c) 1991-1997 Hewlett-Packard Company"

     It looks like if you have a HOME variable set, VEE'll use it.

     Bruce Wenner
     HP St.Paul