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vrf I/O configuration questions

Question asked by rsb on Nov 11, 2004
"Garvin, Al" <> wrote:
>      Question 1.. What would the 1417 address be point to?

Many instruments have a secondary GPIB address used for direct
communications to printers or whatnot. Ignore 1417 unless you're
wanting to talk to stuff attached to the instruments private GPIB

>     Question 2.
>      The HP82357A configured itself as "gpib1" but when I go to I/O Manager
> and select "Find Instruments" it comes up as "gpib8" and it finds my analyzer
> at 816.  When I run the program it errors out when it tries to talk to the
> plug n play panel pointing to 1416.

sure- the instrument is at 816 - you are pointing to 1416. It will error.
>    Is there some easy way to re-direct all the  calls to plug n play panels
> pointing to 1416 to 816?

not really- point to 816. Just be sure to use the same name so that
your programs won't break.


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