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Question asked by VRFuser on Oct 15, 2001
Hi Tom.

> First of all, let me declare
> you a 'useful member of mankind'

Why thanks

> But, an Active-X-Illiterate as I am

Despite what seems like an entire lifetime of programming, I'm right there
with ya.

> 'Microsoft Script Control 1.0'
> could not be found

You know, I was trying to use the sleep method for the delay but I never
could get it to work. Then I forgot to uncheck the control in the ActiveX
Control References. I think it will work if you just uncheck this control,
but just in case I'm attaching the program with only the "Shell &
Automation" reference checked. If that gives you troubles, then this might
be a fruitful site:

The /scripting/default.htm page is worth a visit too. From here, you can
find just about everything you need to know to use scripting in your VEE
applications. The trouble is it takes forever to find anything!

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