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vrf Create Variables/ActiveX objects at runtime (Follow up)

Question asked by VRFuser on Nov 12, 2004
> With "Set A = CreateObject(...)" I wanted to create/set the
> variable for whichever string were on the input (A) terminal.
> In this way I could set only the variables needed.

Ok, I understand now, but it won't work that way either. You have to
explicitly construct a formula and feed it to a formula input, then fire
that formula:

f = "Set " + sVarName + " = CreateObject(...)";
<Execute f>

> I need them checked, I checked them after sending the mail

Bummer man! That totally blows the whole idea. Events *must* be set up
before run time or they don't work, so all variables will definitely have to
be declared. If there's a way to get around this in VEE I'm not aware of it.

Now, if you do this in VB it's a snap. In fact, depending on how many
potential objects you're working with (it looks like you're going in the
direction of general purpose - not specific application - in which case "how
many" is unknown) it would make a lot of sense to do the object / connection
manager in VB rather than VEE.

> The functions that gets fired when an event occurs.
> (enable events, like you said above)

Yeah - VB. If this is to be general purpose it could get very messy in VEE.

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