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Question asked by antti.suhonen on Nov 18, 2004
"Cano Soler,  Angel <> wrote:
> Hello all:
> I am using a VEE program to acquire data from a VXI chassis and show it
> continuously in real time. I am using XY graphics to show data, and my problem
> is that even in runtime program, if I click the mouse onto the graphics it
> stop. The more dangerous part is that data acquisition is also stopped, so I
> can not, for example, do a graphic zoom. Is there any method to show data
> independent of other part of the program?. I am using VEE 6.0, is it a
> multithreading enviroment or not?

What I would do is to have the data displayed by a second VEE program.

that is, do all your data acq with one VEE program but have it call
and pass data to a separate VEE program. That way you have a true
multi-threaded environment and what you do with the graphic
display won't affect the data acq part.



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