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vrf newbie advice sought...

Question asked by g.nied on Nov 14, 2004


there is nothing wrong with your code! The only thing you should have a look at is if you really need to check (poll) the line state that often or - if not - if an On Cycle loop would do the job as well once or twice a second.

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Subject: [vrf] newbie advice sought... (15-Nov-2004 14:28)

> Please can someone advice the best way to "wait" for an external i/o event?
> My system  consists of an intelligent stepper motor controller that is
> controlled from Vee via a serial port. I can monitor the "DSR" line via
> a direct i/o object to tell when motion is taking place. Essentially I
> want my program to "wait" or "sleep" until movement has finished i.e.
> DSR toggles low.
> Currently I am using an until break object with a direct i/o and if/then
> clause to wait for a change in DSR.
> e.g.
> Until Break
>     if X==0 then
>     Break
> is there a more efficient method?
> (please accept my apologies if this has been asked a thousand times before)
> Many Thanks
> Phil Vossler
> School of Physics
> University of Exeter

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