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Question asked by VRFuser on Mar 12, 1998

     Hello Remy or Arjan,
     DDE Syntax is not defined well for many of the Microsoft applications
     very well. The best place to find some examples is the Microsoft
     support homepage ( You can search on
     either Word or Excel and DDE. There are examples of running macros
     from Word or Excel from Excel or Word (the same type of command should
     apply from other applications except for SendKeys methods).
     To have VEE create directories, the EXECUTE PROGRAM object under the
     I/O menu would be used. You can add a data input to "execute program
     pc" called command, then use a formula (or TO STRING) to generate the
     following type of command string " /c md " + A. The A input
     would be the directory name (you could also add the C:\<directory> in
     the quoted string if the current directory is where the new directory
     is intended to add).
     Attached is a small VEE program to do some simple DDE transactions
     such as restoring Excel from Minimized state and exiting Excel without
     saving the program. Other various commands can be found from the
     Microsoft web-site (ie, EXECUTE "[saveas .name="<filename>"" (or
     some syntax like this)". the exact syntax can be found in app notes
     from Microsoft.
     Currently I am not in the office so I don't have access to my
     information on DDE to MS Word. Most of the information I have found on
     the Microsoft site, create a bookmark and write to that item. The
     Microsoft site has examples of running Excel Macros from Word and also
     running Word Macros from Excel. I am not familiar with VBA so I cannot
     help with that part of your question.
     Hope this helps,
     Lyle Carnahan
     TMO Call Center

>>Hi there,
>>Currently I am generating standard reports with HPvee DDE to EXCEL &
>>Both programs are from Office97. Great problems occur when I want to find
>>out which DDE syntaxis are available.
>>How about [run] a macro in Excel. It took me 2 days to find out how this
>>Is it possible to let Vee create a new directory, named after an input
>>given by a user, via DDE.
>>If nobody knows, does somebody know how to do this within Visual BAsic
>>for MsOffice97 Excel? If not, does someone have a contact within
>>in the world of Visaul Basic programming where we could turn to?
>>Kind regards,
>>Remy Broos & Arjan Hordijk